Garnet (garney) wrote in fourboys,

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November 25th, 2005

- STILL not November, damn

- I like this format, two little panels and a big background panel *dork* but really, I can't keep doing that e.e;

- Talking, yep. The whole time it is Din talking, if that's unclear. Trouble's probably too freaked out to say anything, so he just obeys.

- I really can't make it look as pretty as it really is. Imagine a roman cathedral hall decorated with blue silks and sparkly, glowing ice and you might be coming close to it.

- That perspective looks a bit off. The doorway in the back is actually MUCH bigger than a person, so the hallway doesn't really narrow fast enough, or they're too big for that far back or SOMETHING, argh. Anyway, much bigger than it looks right there.

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