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December 14th, 2005

- In the first panel, Din is motioning "stay here" to Trouble and smiling in that comforting way that few but Trouble get to see.

- Yes, Din said no cleansing in the sacred pool cos Trouble hates baths, true enough, but his Koorime beliefs got the better of him and he had to just slip in for a moment, not very long though. And of course he doesn't want to Trouble to join him.

- Trouble is just creeping up behind him, scared of the pool, but wanting to stay near Din.
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2005 *whistles* that's a long time ago. ^^; Are you planning to update if you ever decide to do it? If not, I'll understand since real life can be maddening.

Sorry if this seems like a repeat. I had sent you an email from your website but I don't know if that email is functional.

I love reading your Fourboys. I think I saw your link from another webcomic and I think it was Guests in Purgatory but I can't remember.

You are a great artists and you draw bodies so well! And I love the special touches when it comes to "kaachan!" from the babies. XD

I'll leave at that because it's mostly a repeat if you got email.

Please care of yourself and your children.

Fourboys rock!
Oh, I love your icons! Kurama's so pretty! I love that doujinshi-ka's art style. Hiei's so cute! XD